Dr. Mohamad Toutounji, Founder and CEO

“The future of human therapeutics will be individually designed and it will be possible to treat each living cell in the human body’’

Pioneering the future of cell and gene therapies

We belief that cell and gene therapy made from a patient’s own cells will enhance treatment of rare and incurable genetic diseases. Molgenium is fighting for patients by making the battle against incurable disorders. By harnessing the power of the body’s genetic system, we help extend the lives of patients battling rare and uncurbable diseases.
Our cell and gene therapies are FDA- and EMA-approved made from a patient’s own cells by leading companies from worldwide. We in Molgenium are building strong scientific cooperations to push our portfolio forward to improving human personalized therapy.

Our Commitment

Fighting diseases is our specialization, our patients are strongly supported that they are not giving up, and neither are we. We aim to help curing fetal diseases without reducing quality of life. This commitment drives our strategies to be valid for all patients worldwide.

Our Mission

Providing cell and gene therapies or tissue replacements for patients suffering from rare or uncurbable diseases.

Patients oriented

  • Making the fight against cancer personal, with immunotherapy created from a patient’s own immune cells
  • Providing immunotherapy treatments that are clinically proven to help extend life, with a generally well tolerated safety profile
  • Offering services and support that improve treatment access

Giving hand on Clinical Practices

  • Partnering with physicians, nurses, and clinicians as they continue to realize the full potential of immunotherapy
  • Helping urologists identify patients who will get the most out of immunotherapy

Future focusing

  • Expanding access to cell and gene therapies and to human tissues for more patients around the world
  • Investigating earlier-stage treatment of cancer and genetic disorders with the goal of helping patients worldwide
  • Supporting scientists to develop case specific therapies